Aro granite - Result update.

Investors should keep a track of the results for the companies they own. Reviewing once a quarter is always good for stocks in midcap/smallcap space.

We don't find it necessary to give an update when the market receives the results in a good sense. However when things go in the opposite direction we feel its important to share the views . Hopefully by doing this we can avoid the mistake of selling and repenting later. Our retail investors are always good at this !!

Well ARO has given a good set of numbers.  There is top line and bottom line growth , which is more important to us. The EPS is adjusted for the bonus shares which the company gave last year. 

Half yearly approximate NP is at 11 Cr  v/s 7 Cr. With long term borrowings coming to zero, there is absolutely no logic for the fall as we see it.

Now we did recommend so sell 25% holdings earlier. No change in the opinion. One can hold the remaining.

Do you want to add more at lower rates or not depends on ones own conviction.


Talbros Automotive Components Limited - Bright Future Ahead

Happy samvat 2071 for all our readers and well wishers. This month we are presenting you a stock from one of the most reviving sectors in India - Auto sector. With the possibility of interest rate cut is eminent, it would be good to add a stock from a sector which has a direct positive impact. Our new pick, Talbros Automotive Components Limited has around 60 years of experience in Auto Component manufacturing and has been established as a well placed player with a label of  India's largest gasket manufacturer. 

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Flashback and Future views - 2

One must agree, it has indeed been a wonderful journey for investors following us till now. We don't prefer to check the portfolios on rallying market peaks.Instead take views when markets are consolidating or correcting. 

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ARO Granite Industries - Buy

Markets have given tremendous returns recently, and we were not comfortable to suggest any stock. However the recent short lived correction seems to be the best we can bargain for now. This is one of the characteristics of classic bull market. Nifty seems like headed for 10k !!

We have been tracking quite a number of companies, but somehow the price of many does not attract us to take a dive in at this point of time.

Lets take company operating in a well known sector trading at high P/E . Having said that, Aro granite industries has managed to stay cheap when compared with the sector valuations. The stock has rallied in recent times hence we waited for an correction to come, and with a 10% correction ,now seems a good time to start accumulating on dips with a 2 years horizon.


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Lloyd Electric and Engineering - Accumulate on dips.


Today this is the question asked by every retail, new and confused investors who are still planning to make a move. I am sure nobody can answer that. Bull markets are made from hopes and dreams and Bear markets are made of fear. 

For a value investor, bear markets are like heaven. It is getting exceedingly difficult for us to find value in markets these days.

So what should be the move ??

Well, we @ indianhiddengems continue to do our job the same way, what we have done till date after our inception some time back. Always keep the rules simple. Rule 1 is invest in companies that has value in the business and companies run by capable management to scale higher in-spite uncertain and tough times. and Rule 2 is always follow Rule 1 !!

As said by  Warren buffet himself, Great investment opportunities come around when excellent companies are surrounded by unusual circumstances that cause the stock to be mis-priced. Lloyd electric suits exactly to the criteria. 

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GULSHAN POLYOLS LTD -A Diamond Doesn’t Lose Its Value Due To Lack Of Admiration.

We are seeing the future of Indian markets , with Modi driving his ministers and running the government just like a any other corporate company - Everything seems possible !!!

We are entering a new era ,with sentiments picking up for investments, will see more peaks coming than never. With Investors  understanding the reality and rightly willing to give time for Modi to fix things, we don't expect sharp falls in the markets. In fact it remains a buy on dips, considering that one has 2 to 3 years horizon .

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Flashback and Future views.

It looks right time to have a look on the portfolio and decide the strategy for the future. Timely checks are always good as we shall know where we stand !!

We are excited to present our readers,the first update on portfolio after the inception of Indian hidden gems!!

* Adjusted to split and bonus.

One is free to take decisions and this is only our views.


Patels Airtemp (India) Ltd - Conservative Promoters, Potential Business.

We are witnessing huge buying in almost every sector thanks to NaMo. A new era has just begun not only to India but also to Indian stock markets also. We are very hopeful that NaMo government will deliver on promises made. 

Every sector has seen rise in prices in anticipation of reforms. Stocks have doubled investors money in a month and even then there are no signs of any meaningful corrections. This is a typical feature found in strong bull markets. We also know every 8 years in the past there has been bull markets and now we are expecting one in 2016. As said earlier we are hopeful that NaMo will deliver, which if takes more time than markets expectations then we might see some corrections. May be this is the rare time to see retail investors waiting for a correction to enter !!

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Sequent Scientific - Reiterating Conviction.

Markets are jumping high due to the adrenaline supply from FII's. As expected retail participation has increased during recent months. We don't know if investors investing now will make money or huge money over long term. Time is the answer for this.

Due to the very nature of the market, its difficult to tell if we are in a bull market or bull trap. With this thought we thought instead of recommending something new its better to reiterate something from our old recommendations and which can still give handsome returns to our readers.

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Vardhman Textiles - Testing Investors patience ??

Sometimes its surprisingly funny when markets completely ignores a sector for no reason which is doing extremely good. However we have seen from history that patience always pays well at the end.

Current Rally has taken everything to sky with no sector left behind. But there is one sector which has contributed much to reduce the Current account deficit and has been witnessing a good amount of exports in the recent past.  Yes its textiles sector, and is one sector which seems to be totally lost its way and not participated in the current rally. So we will go with the leader from this particular sector for this month- Vardhman Textiles.

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A word of caution for investors before investing in bull market cycles.

We have seen investors money getting doubled in a very short span of time. So many stocks have jumped and investors are with complete excitement. Markets are teasing so many new investors !!!

We felt its a good time to make investors cautious especially those with no experience in stock markets. Getting carried away is very easy at times like this even for experienced investor.

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Mayur Uniquoters - Update.

Mayur Reloaded !!

We always try to find the reasons for the huge price volatility and share the same with our readers. Mayur recommended by us on Aug 2013 @ ~ 210(Price adjusted after split), recently hit a high of 600 in about 6 months. Series of events in these 6 months have triggered such an price increase. Fundamentally a lot of catching has to happen, for us to feel safe(if anyone looking to buy now @ CMP).

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Ashoka Buildcon Limited - Safe Bet From The Sector

We feel Its a good time now, to have a small % invested in some well managed companies from the out of flavor sectors from a long term point of view. Finding Quality from such sectors is a difficult task as most of the companies are trading very cheap. Its seems like value's everywhere :-)

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Cera Sanitaryware - Update.

From the initial recommendation @ ~530, CERA has given outstanding returns till date. To be frank it has exceeded our expectations as well :-)

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Nifty at a high - Living in the future ?

A smart decline in CAD in Q3 which is also at 4 year low and the announcement of the election dates has triggered a surprising rally well before expectations of many. All of a sudden sentiments have changed and analysts are speaking of 7000/7500 on the nifty due to improved macro economics, earnings visibility,...etc..etc---All of which to support the view that nifty will still rise.Don't forget It hardly takes a few trading session for these guys to change their views on the either side. Nevertheless FII's have been consistently buying and the rally might continue further in the short term as the momentum seems strong for now.


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Dhanuka Agritech Limited - Update.

We have experienced that running after a stock when it is very hot will make us enter at the peak of its rally and miss out on entering at a better price few days later.

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Dhanuka Agritech Limited - Long way to go !!!

We always believe value lies in the business and not in P/E or price as such. Dhanuka Agritech Limited fits exactly as a valuepick as the future looks brighter than ever. Since the business is cyclical in nature, one has to approach with a pure sip type while investing to average out volatility. However long term we are sure that dhanuka can give superior returns.

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Sequent Scientific ltd - Cocktail of High Risk and Conviction

Whats the fun in value investing if there was no risk at all :-)
Well.. this month stock i.e Sequent scientific , some of you might have already noticed this.some might argue that it’s a operator driven stock which has no fundamentals and not worth analyzing this. Well you are right, but with a small correction.We would say it’s a promoter backed stock and not operator driven stock !!! The moment we understood this , started digging more to see if we would get any conviction here. Well surprisingly it turned out to be a very high conviction bet :-)

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