A word of caution for investors before investing in bull market cycles.

We have seen investors money getting doubled in a very short span of time. So many stocks have jumped and investors are with complete excitement. Markets are teasing so many new investors !!!

We felt its a good time to make investors cautious especially those with no experience in stock markets. Getting carried away is very easy at times like this even for experienced investor.

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Mayur Uniquoters - Update.

Mayur Reloaded !!

We always try to find the reasons for the huge price volatility and share the same with our readers. Mayur recommended by us on Aug 2013 @ ~ 210(Price adjusted after split), recently hit a high of 600 in about 6 months. Series of events in these 6 months have triggered such an price increase. Fundamentally a lot of catching has to happen, for us to feel safe(if anyone looking to buy now @ CMP).

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Ashoka Buildcon Limited - Safe Bet From The Sector

We feel Its a good time now, to have a small % invested in some well managed companies from the out of flavor sectors from a long term point of view. Finding Quality from such sectors is a difficult task as most of the companies are trading very cheap. Its seems like value's everywhere :-)

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Cera Sanitaryware - Update.

From the initial recommendation @ ~530, CERA has given outstanding returns till date. To be frank it has exceeded our expectations as well :-)

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Nifty at a high - Living in the future ?

A smart decline in CAD in Q3 which is also at 4 year low and the announcement of the election dates has triggered a surprising rally well before expectations of many. All of a sudden sentiments have changed and analysts are speaking of 7000/7500 on the nifty due to improved macro economics, earnings visibility,...etc..etc---All of which to support the view that nifty will still rise.Don't forget It hardly takes a few trading session for these guys to change their views on the either side. Nevertheless FII's have been consistently buying and the rally might continue further in the short term as the momentum seems strong for now.


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Dhanuka Agritech Limited - Update.

We have experienced that running after a stock when it is very hot will make us enter at the peak of its rally and miss out on entering at a better price few days later.

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Dhanuka Agritech Limited - Long way to go !!!

We always believe value lies in the business and not in P/E or price as such. Dhanuka Agritech Limited fits exactly as a valuepick as the future looks brighter than ever. Since the business is cyclical in nature, one has to approach with a pure sip type while investing to average out volatility. However long term we are sure that dhanuka can give superior returns.

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