GULSHAN POLYOLS LTD -A Diamond Doesn’t Lose Its Value Due To Lack Of Admiration.

We are seeing the future of Indian markets , with Modi driving his ministers and running the government just like a any other corporate company - Everything seems possible !!!

We are entering a new era ,with sentiments picking up for investments, will see more peaks coming than never. With Investors  understanding the reality and rightly willing to give time for Modi to fix things, we don't expect sharp falls in the markets. In fact it remains a buy on dips, considering that one has 2 to 3 years horizon .

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Flashback and Future views.

It looks right time to have a look on the portfolio and decide the strategy for the future. Timely checks are always good as we shall know where we stand !!

We are excited to present our readers,the first update on portfolio after the inception of Indian hidden gems!!

* Adjusted to split and bonus.

One is free to take decisions and this is only our views.