IntraSoft Technologies Limited: Still Steam Left

IntraSoft Technologies Limited is in the business of providing back ended IT Enabled Services to its subsidiary companies. The E-commerce subsidiary www.123stores.com focuses on the US Online Retail market and was ranked as the 392nd largest Internet Retailer in USA as well as the 13th fastest growing Internet Retailer in the 2015 Top 500 Internet Retailer Guide. Company is planning to enter Indian market soon.

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Dolly Khanna bets on Srikalahasthi Pipes

According to the latest share holding pattern, Our Master Portfolio Member Dolly Khanna accumulated 406,369 shares of Srikalahasthi Pipes, Pig Iron manufacturing company. Along with Dolly few seasoned players also increased their stakes in this less known company. When Dolly's percentage holding comes to 1.02%, Morgan Stanley Asia (Singapore) Pte increased their stake from 1.06% to 1.59%. Anil Kumar Goel, a well known investor in the Indian Equity increased his stakes from 1.32% to 1.45%. 

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Ashish Kacholia in Buy Mode, Entered Camlin Fine Sciences

Ashish Kacholia, our Master Portfolio Member has entered Camlin Fine Sciences, a Mumbai based chemical company current market capitalisation of nearly 1000 crores.  In July-September quarter, Ashish Kacholia acquired 1,189,529 shares which comes to around 1.24% of the total shareholdings. 

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Ashish Kacholia Entered Vishnu Chemicals

According to the latest shareholding pattern of Vishnu chemicals, Ashish Kacholia, our Master Portfolio Member has bought a huge chunk of 398523 shares.   This comes to 3.34% of the total shares. It would be interesting to see what made Ashish Kacholia to go for this shopping, that too more than 3% of the total shareholdings. 

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If the answer is yes, You can peep into our long term and short term trades once you become a financial contributor to our blog. Mail us to indianhiddengems@gmail.com for more information.

Kindly note that these will be just reference data of our buys/sells and not recommendations to buy or sell. 


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Arrow Coated Products - More Takers Queuing Up??

According to the latest share holding pattern of Arrow Coated Products,  leading investment firm Quant Capital acquired nearly 1.55% stocks. During the consolidation phase of 3 months, they have silently accumulated 1,82,304 shares. Arrow Coated was identified by retailer's darling Value Pick in August 2013, when it was trading at Rs 12!!!. Till then its on a long term up-trend. In January 2015 it reached a peak of Rs 550 and retraced 50% to 280 by March 2015. Well known investor Mukul Mahavir Prasad grabbed 130000 shares at nearly Rs 500 in January 2015. Also Param Capital Research and Aquavista limited acquired nearly 1.5% each during this period. Today Arrow Coated marched and locked in UC with flying colors at Rs 649.

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Kellton Tech Doubled In 6 Months

Our recent recommendation - Kellton Tech has doubled in less than 6 months. Long way to go!!!
Recommended Price: Rs.60
Current Price : Rs.135

Sumir Chadha’s Westbridge Capital - Investment Strategy

Sumir Chadha’s Westbridge Capital/ Jwalamukhi Holdings is one of the best Private Investment in Public Equity Fund in India. In the latest issue of Outlook Business, Sumir Chadha of Westbridge Capital/ Jwalamukhi has given important pointers of the fund’s investment strategies in Indian Market.

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7 Buying Ideas For Next 3 Months From LKP Securities

Leading Brokerage House LKP Securities has come up with 7 picks in its latest research report. The Head Research at LKP, Mr. Mr. S Ranganathan  and Head Advisory at LKP of Mr. Kunal Bothra are very confident about Indian Economy going forward. They point out that there are a lot of interesting developments which have occurred in the recent times even thought market had lot of ups and downs. Global concerns have never been so visible in the recent past, and with bounties of concerns over China, sovereign downgrades of countries like Brazil etc, Currency crisis etc. Along with it the FED maintaining status quo and the RBI cutting rates despite a 14% deficiency in the monsoon it is quite evident that slowing global growth is uppermost in the mind of central bankers.

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