All You Need to Know About GST

Goods and Service Tax (GST) is going to be the biggest taxation reform in India and it is all set to integrate central and state economies and boost overall growth. GST will create a single, unified Indian market to make the economy stronger. The implementation of GST will lead to the abolition of other taxes such as octroi (charges when the product enters the state), Central Sales Tax, State-level sales tax, entry tax, stamp duty, telecom licence fees, turnover tax, tax on consumption or sale of electricity, taxes on transportation of goods and services, thus avoiding multiple layers of taxation that currently exist in India.

Game Changer for Indian Economy?

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Ratan Tata Invests in Big Data Startup - A Leading Light?

In April 2015, we recommended Kellton Tech, considering the fact that the company is focusing more on Big Data, the next generation technology. The stock has doubled from the recommended rate and now in consolidation phase. Also you might have heard about a company named Cambridge Technology, which focus only on cloud and big data which had a mad run from Rs. 5 to Rs. 140 in just a matter of 8-10 months. 

Incessant Motivator of Startups!!

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Porinju Veliyath Buys Globus Spirits

As per NSE bulk data on 24th November 2015, Our Master Portfolio Member Porinju Veliyath has bought a small cap breweries and distilleries company named Globus Spirits.  According to NSE data, daughter of Porinju Veliyath, Ms. Shilpa Porinju Veliyath scooped out 155000 shares of Globus Spirits @Rs. 66.30. The stock hit upper circuit of 20%, after the news. Along with Porinju, Rajasthan Global Securities also bagged 321000 shares at a rate of Rs 65.82. 

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SBI Equity Opportunities Fund - Series IV Starts with Ganesha Ecosphere

According to NSE data, SBI Equity Opportunities Fund - Series IV picked its first stock, Ganesha Ecosphere, a stock we recommended for risk takers in December 2014. NSE data shows that this fund has bought 280000 shares at a rate of Rs.110.  We gave an exit call 4 months ago as the fundamentals of the company was not improving. Since SBI Equity Opportunities Fund - Series IV has entered, there could be a short term momentum for next few weeks.

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Products and Services Companies - An Eye Opening Data

How many of you are using Colgate?. How long you have been using it?. Most of us would be saying - "I have been using Colgate from my childhood".  The answer would be same for 99% of us.

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Economic Times Reveals the "Other Side" of Ashish Kacholia

Our Master Portfolio Member Ashish Kacholia is a person who stays away from the market spotlight. To be precise, we couldn't even get a photo of him from internet even though we spent lot of time looking for it*. Now Economic TImes has come up with an article which shows the other side of Ashish Kacholia along with his investment strategy. The article written by Shailesh Menon details the kindness act of Ashish Kacholia.

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Flashback and Future views - 6

We gave our last portfolio flashback on 24th September 2015. It would be prudent to evaluate the portfolio during this festival season. Kindly note that all these recommendations are just guidance and it is your responsibility to study these companies before taking any investment decisions.

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Happy Diwali!!

Nick Leeson - Man Who Destroyed UK's Oldest Bank with One Trade!!

An interesting read about a then 28 year old guy who ruined UK's oldest bank with his single trade, Courtesy NISM

Nicholas Leeson, had well established track record of being a savvy operator in the derivatives market and was the favourite of the top management at the Barings Bank headquarters at London. He was the head of derivatives trading, responsible for both front and back office, at Barings Futures, Singapore (BFS), a subsidiary of Barings Plc., London.

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Alpa Labs - Porinju Veliyath's New Bet from Pharma Space

As per NSE bulk data on 6th November 2015, Our Master Portfolio Member Porinju Veliyath has scooped out a mid cap pharma company named Alpa Labs.  According to NSE data, daughter of Porinju Veliyath, Ms. Shilpa Porinju Veliyath scooped out 110000 shares of Alpa Labs @Rs. 31.30. 

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Vijay Kedia bets on Astec Lifescience

Our Master Portfolio Member Vijay Kedia has put his latest bet on Astec Lifescience, a producer of agrochemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates.  According to the latest share holding pattern, Vijay Kedia bagged 2,00,000 shares which comes to 1.028% of the total shares. Astec manufactures a wide range of Agrochemical active ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediates. Company has forged enduring relationships with large and small companies all over the world. 

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