Flashback and Future views - 3

Markets giving new peaks every month. Investors waiting to get inside are seen loosing patience and entering with frustration. This suggests that we have covered more than 70% of the rally now . Markets might peak sometime in 2016 as most of us expecting. With the history suggesting that bear markets come every 7 years, one has to approach with caution.

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Ganesha Ecosphere, A possible re-rating candidate - For risk takers only !!

Happy new year to all our readers. We wish 2015 to bring greater wealth than 2014 !

It has been a while now, we have not added any new stock to the portfolio. Instead chose to enjoy the gains in our earlier investments + patiently waiting for the recent ones to deliver.

It seems the best time for buying stocks is now. The new government is opening up for new business in many sectors which in turn can be beneficial for many sub-sectors. There are opportunities,   But the difficult job is to decide, what to buy !! 

After going through many businesses for sometime , one company did catch our eyes.The ultimate business is one that generates wealth from waste. I am sure all will agree with this. Yes, The vision of Ganesha Ecosphere and its promoters is what we are excited about. 

However the fundamentals of the company have not convinced us. We leave the decision to you. 

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