About Us

Yes..We know it..About Us page is one of the most interesting page visitors want to see,only then they land in a stock recommendation blog. 

Dear Reader,

Welcome to www.indianhiddengems.com and to the world of value investing!!!

Now you atleast know that this blog is not maintained by a single person..Yes..its true..we are two!!! Will introduce our-self now. We believe that there is no point in telling you our names, date of birth, place of birth, fathers name, mothers maiden name etc..We know you are only bothered about our recommendations and the posts here in the blog speak well about that..

As we are two, you can call us as M and R.

Story of M
An engineer by profession, I have more than 14 years of experience in stock market, believing always in value investing.

Story of R
It was 2000, when I started investing in stock markets thinking it is very easy to make money. Entered With an initial investment of 8000/- in some stocks which my broker recommended with huge hype. Later on went on to loose most of the capital. Everyone would have realized this-Stock falls the moment you buy and goes up the moment you sell :-)
It is only then I realized the problem is not with stock market but the approach adopted !!

So I stopped investing anymore capital but went on to read various books/blogs to understand exactly what went wrong.This went for a year and only then I had the the right mindset and approach and decided to make a come back in 2004 end.

I gained 3 things from this i.e patience, patience & patience. 
You might argue how long should one wait with patience ???
Well one cannot wait with patience after investing in junk stocks.
It applies for only those stocks which have huge potential i.e value. 
There are 2 things -
Managing wealth and creating wealth.

Please remember creating wealth requires time and does not happen in hours !!
The advantage of value investing is that time is on our side :-)

So...Lets start the journey of value investing. 
Why waiting..? Join Us..

PS:All the Stocks discussed in this blog are for educational purpose only and not recommendations to buy or sell. Please contact a certified investment adviser for your investment decisions.